It's closing day!  What you need to know...

Walk Thru: I, your broker will schedule your final walk thru of the property. Ideally, this should be done same day prior to closing.  You will walk thru the property and confirm that it is in the same condition as day of inspection. You will check running water, that the oven turns on, fridge, flush toilets, check for leaks, etc.  We will also confirm that all agreed upon seller repairs are completed, all personals are moved out and that the property is left in broom clean condition.

ID's:  At closing you will bring with you a valid and current state ID, Driver's License or Passport. The title company closer is required to confirm your identity and make a copy of it for the closing file. 

Closing costs: The title company is responsible for calculating and reconciling all  closing costs.  A day or two prior to closing date, your lender and attorney will provide the title company with your closing costs. The seller's attorney will provide their list of closings costs and some may be passed onto you, such as pro-rated association fees or any other agreed up costs.  Your attorney or lender will provide you what is called the "final number".  Your attorney will provide you the title co.'s wiring instructions, as you will need to go to your bank and provide them with these instructions in order to wire funds the title company and they will handle this.  The bank will provide you with a wire confirmation number; which you should bring to closing.  It's also possible you may not have the closing figure you need to wire until day of closing. If 1 day prior to closing the figures are not reconciled (it's common!), your attorney or lender will provide you with an estimated amount & the overage will be refunding at closing in the form of a check from the title co.

Proof of Homeowner's Insurance:  Your lender will advise you if you need to pay for the policy prior to closing and provide them with proof of payment or if you can pay for it at closing. If you have to pay it at the closing, the title company will mail them a check from your closing proceeds. Please bring the policy with you to the closing.

Utilities:  You should activate all your utilities in your name right after closing.

At closing you will sign and initial many documents if you are financing the property. Your attorney will go over all the paperwork and you will be provided a copy of the documents.  

Keys will either be delivered at closing or you will be provided instructions on where the keys will be located.  If you don't plan on moving in right away, I would recommend posting a For Emergency Contact sheet on the front door or giving your neighbor your contact phone # so in event of emergency someone can notify you.


CONGRATULATIONS!  THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR BUSINESS & YOUR TRUST! Anytime you have any questions post closings, always feel free to reach out to me,  I'm happy to help!